Speaking baby born in Russian Arctic

Speaking baby born in Russian Arctic

February 02, 2021

In April 2009, the Norilsk newspaper Zapolyarny Vestnik published an article titled Speaking Baby. It told about a child who, in the first days after his birth, began to pronounce syllables.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The topic was eagerly inflated by domestic tabloids. The news about the speaking child from Arctic city of Norilsk is even today presented by online publications as a sensation – this information still appears in news feeds as fresh. But what really happened 12 years ago?

Styopa is the first child of Liza and Rodion Bazheev. The young parents were very much looking forward to his appearance, went to courses in spiritual childbirth, read special literature.

“Liza was four months pregnant when we went on vacation to St. Petersburg”, Rodion later told Norilsk journalists. “In the store on Nevsky prospect we saw a book by the Indian author Osho – it turned everything upside down! Do you know what hooked the most? The fact that a newborn is better not to spanked, so that he screams, but to be rubbed. The birth process is a huge stress for a child, and everything should be done to mitigate it if possible”.

All the long hours while Lisa had contractions, and later, in the hospital, Rodion supported her. When the baby was born and the dad took him in his arms, he slowly began to open his eyes, as if he wanted to see who was holding him in his arms, and suddenly pronounced clearly: “Apa!”. A few minutes later, everyone heard a new word: “Uma”.

“It’s unrealistic to hear such a complex syllable from a newborn! Children up to a month don’t pronounce any sounds except crying!” Marina Panova, a psychologist at the Norilsk maternity hospital, who took delivery, did not hide how amazed she was. “In my practice, and I have been delivering babies since 1986, there have not been such cases yet”.

Styopa continued to “speak” the next day. His young mother Liza, who was explaining to her son that dad was coming soon, suddenly heard: “Fto? Apa? (What? (D)ad?)” Having learned about this from his wife, Rodion went around bookstores and in one of them found a suitable book – The Secret Language of a Child.

“It turns out there is even a classification of baby crying! Scientists classify it into seven types. With the help of crying, a newborn baby communicates with parents. Another thing is that not everyone understands this”, said the worried father. “And recently a nurse from a polyclinic came and was amazed: Styopa himself rolls over on his stomach, although usually children at this age do not yet do this”.

After the appearance of an article about the unusual baby in Norilsk, furious disputes began: is this possible in reality? Perhaps this is a figment of the imagination of the young couple, because each child is unique for his parents. However, obstetricians do not see anything strange in the fact that children are now being born different. They explain: before, the baby was taken from the mother, brought only for feeding, but now the mother and child are constantly together. In addition, some women start teaching their children during pregnancy. They even teach to count. There are special techniques for this.

“Cells-neurons of the brain, if they are not in demand and do not develop, begin to die off from the 30th week. And the fetus is able to learn, perceive the world through the mother, her feelings. If she deals with him, entertains him as if he is already born, then the child is most often born gifted. Although there are other reasons for this… Scientists say that not only the temperature in the atmosphere changes, but also all living things: flora and fauna. Man as a part of nature is also forced to adapt to new living conditions. That is why indigo and crystal children are appearing in the world more and more often”, Marina Panova expressed her opinion in an interview with Norilsk journalists.

The Life Moscow newspaper, which picked up the theme of the “talking baby”, asked Professor Vladislav Lugovenko, who had been studying phenomenal children for many years, to explain some things.

“The powerful stream of the cosmo-earth field, which forms a very strong energy of children, is located just in the Russian Arctic”, Vladislav Lugovenko told the tabloid. “We measured the biofields of children in the Norilsk area, they turned out to be much more powerful than those of children in Troitsk or Belgorod near Moscow. The second dependence of the energy of children is associated with the time of birth. If you compare those who were born 50 years ago, and today’s newborns, then the energy of today’s babies is much stronger. In the process of studying, we were able to find five powerful streams that increased the biofields of children: in 1983 (when indigo children appeared on Earth), in 1995, in September 2004 – April 2005, May 20, 2008 and March 20, 2009”.

It is curious that five years after the events described, the Norilsk media again returned to the controversial topic. As local journalists reported then, Styopa’s parents broke up, the boy lives with his mother in St. Petersburg and does not stand out among other children.

February 02, 2021

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