Nornickel Curling Cup’s participants shared their impressions

Nornickel Curling Cup’s participants shared their impressions

May 02, 2024

The media company found out why athletes came to the Arctic tournament.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Curling opens up new horizons, showing serious sports training and scrupulous tactical calculations behind its apparent simplicity. Who will win is decided not only by patience, but also by a mathematical mindset. The outcome of the game is determined by millimeters. But the tournament is notable not only for the intensity of the game, but also for the impressions that remain after it.

The day before, the Russia-2 team won against the Krasnoyarsk region team, and Belarus/Russia beat the Russia-5 team. After the games, the girls shared their impressions.

“A slightly shortened version of the game took place in Dudinka. Usually at world championships it lasts three or more hours”, shared Galina Arsenkina, skipper of the Krasnoyarsk team. “In curling, it is important to maintain concentration throughout the game. This is an experimental tournament for our team. We haven’t had enough ice time. Dudinka always greets you well. The ice here is beautiful, and participation in an international tournament is a valuable experience for my girls, with whom I work as a coach. Let me add that curling is a sport based on psychology. The psychological preparation of the athlete, his position in the team, his opponent and ice play a role, the game’s visual effect and intensity depends on these nuances. The whole team can play, but the skip’s throws are shown on the scoreboard”.

Tatyana Torsunova came to curling as an adult, in 2016, when she was already 49 years old. In her youth, she was involved in figure skating, and then alpine skiing. The Belarusian curler says that it is impossible to play this game without good physical well-beeing.

“I came to curling because of a friend, before that the ice had not attract me and I hadn’t thought much about this sport. A year and a half after starting my career in this sport, I made it to the world championships. Dudinka and the North surprise. This is my third time coming here and I am happy to participate in the Nornickel Curling Cup. There is great ice here. It’s a pleasure to play. Great organization. Every time the Yenisey amazes with its power. It’s my first time I’ve seen a river of such power and such strong energy”, said Tatyana Torsunova.

All the time the game was going on, the attention of journalists was attracted by a woman with a baby in her arms. Later, media workers learned that this was the mother and six-month-old daughter of Lyudmila Privivkova, an athlete from the mixed national team of Belarus. The honored master of sports and Olympic Games participant has taken part in the northernmost curling tournament for the first time.

“I represent the international team Russia/Belarus. Overall, I’m happy with the game. Our team is quite strong, the girls have been playing for a long time, as part of the Major League. For us, this game is a moment of euphoria and an opportunity to play on good ice. I think we played well, especially since we didn’t count on any leading positions. This is my first time in Dudinka, and it amazes me with its hospitality and the culture of the indigenous peoples. My favorite fans – my mother and six-month-old daughter Agata – are traveling with me. In fact, many girls quickly return to sports after having children, and this does not prevent them from showing good athletic results”, said Lyudmila.

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Text: Natalya Cherkashina, Photo: author

May 02, 2024

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