Norilsk woman portrayed Putorana plateau captivating world

Norilsk woman portrayed Putorana plateau captivating world

March 29, 2022

The beginning artist presented to the jury The Captivating World of the Putorana Plateau, painted in oil.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Galina Kosheyeva, chief specialist of the Norilsknickelremont LLC planning and economic department, is the debutant of the Stars Corporation Nornickel corporative competition.

For her, it was a creative competitive debut in the Stars Corporation: Galina had not participated in this project or in another competition before. And in general, she became interested in artistic creativity only a couple of years ago, after a master class by the artist Maxim Mankov, which she attended with her friend.

Galina Kosheyeva

“You know, in childhood, probably everyone draws, and I also drew. I was especially good at drawing. But I did not take fine arts seriously, I did not go to art school. For a long time there was no time for drawing at all, but, apparently, this hobby is close to me as I returned to it”, said Galina.

She started with oil painting, which is considered a difficult stage. Usually, beginners learn to paint with gouache, acrylic, and only then they take up oil.

“I love oil paints. They have many shades of color, overflows, it is very beautiful. I like mixing paints to find a new color. And the texture is to my liking – thick, rich. I work with brushes, less often with a palette knife, but I still have to hone this technique”, she admits.

Being a lover of the Norilsk tundra, an experienced ‘berry picker’, she didn’t look for the topic for a long time – the idea came by itself. She decided to take part in the competition when she saw an announcement about it. The idea was supported by colleagues.

Now our heroine is setting up for a new competition. On the topic of ecology, she says, you can choose a lot. The first thought is a lake with the purest water.

“I love water very much and often depict it in my works. It turns out great: because the water has so many shades, highlights”.

Galina’s home collection also includes images of animals and still-lifes. But landscapes occupy the main part. There is an idea in the future to write a series of paintings united by a common idea, but so far this is just an idea.

“I am not afraid of criticism, on the contrary, I wonder what people will say when they see my work. Probably because it is not the ambitious path that is important to me – to exhibit, but the opportunity to express my feelings, sensations, love for the place through painting. And the Stars Corporation gives it. When inspiration comes, I paint pictures quickly, a couple of hours is enough. And here the topic itself is beneficial – the North, its nature, the city. There is much to paint”, says our heroine.

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Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: Galina Kosheyeva's personal archive

March 29, 2022

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