No need to be artist to head art school

No need to be artist to head art school

December 23, 2020

Tatyana Mozgovaya worked as a teacher for 20 years before becoming the head of the Norilsk art school.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Life in Norilsk for Tatyana Mozgovaya started from the heroic decision of her parents to move to the Far North. She was only one and a half years old.

“As for the reason for their move – it seems the time was, romantic and, in my opinion, heroic. A young family, living in Moldova with two small children, leaves for the Far North, where there are no friends or acquaintances, despite the fact that dad worked as the chief power engineer at a state farm. But one day he saw an ad about recruiting for the Norilsk combine.

At that time, the Nadezhda metallurgical plant was just being built, by the way, he was then among those who launched the plant and worked in the smelting shop as an electrician for 25 years until his retirement. Many families traveled to distant lands, not chasing comfort. This is probably why we still have factories and plants built at that time, because such people built them. As Mayakovsky said: “nails should be made of these people, there would not be stronger nails in the world”, Tatyana sincerely believes.

The young family received housing later, and for the first three months they lived in a garage. Soon Tatiana’s mother got a job in a kindergarten and for some time their family lived in it, they slept on folding beds. Only two years after their arrival, Tatiana’s parents received a seemingly huge three-room apartment in Kayerkan.

Since childhood, our heroine has been closely linked with creativity. Music became the first hobby, and then education. She graduated from the music school, the cello class. Tatiana is still on warm terms with her teachers and the teachers of her brother, who graduated from the accordion class.

“I studied music for eight years, and like all children – with the last bit of strength”, our heroine laughs. “My cello story ended prosaically: since I lived in Kayerkan, I had to travel to Norilsk with my instrument for classes. Imagine what it was like to storm buses with the cello! I remember the day when I received the long-awaited certificate of graduation from the music school! And at that moment I realized that I would be a music teacher”, she recalls.

She loved the subject of the world art culture more than others and taught it all the years at school being a music teacher also. Tatyana admits that even today she misses the subject.

I liked to tell the children interesting things. For example, facts from composers’ biographies. Take, for example, Rachmaninov, who had a subtle sense of humor. He toured a lot in exile, and once his impresario said: “Sergey Vasilyevich, do not forget, we have a train right after the concert”. Rachmaninov replied: “Then I will play twice faster”.

During the interview, Tatiana jokes a lot and speaks openly about herself:

“I am an energetic and inveterate optimist, my nature fully reflects my favorite anecdote: “The pessimist, pointing to the optimist, suggests: “Let’s drown this joyful bastard!” Optimist: “Hurray, hurray, we are going to dive!”

I asked if she regretted any of her major life decisions. It turned out she did not:

“I would not turn anything back in my life. Everything led to an important result”, she says.

So, for example, after 19 years of work as a music and world art culture teacher, she decided to head the art school. And, looking at the success of the school, hardly anyone today can say that its director is not in her place. Pupils of the school take active part in all-Russian and international competitions and exhibitions. The school participates in grant programs, and the competition for admission is at least four people per place.

Her passion is scrapbooking. Another favorite thing is volunteering. Tatyana tells funny stories about her volunteer experience at the World Cup with burning eyes – and this despite the fact that she is generally indifferent to sports. Though she has a volleyball category. But to this she replies simply:

“Those were times when we attended a hundred activities and were interested in everything”.

And answering the last question about plans to leave Norilsk, he pondered for a long time. And admited:

“There are such plans. Honestly, I don’t know when. Norilsk has always been my close city”.

December 23, 2020

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