Woodwork production to appear in Volochanka

Woodwork production to appear in Volochanka

October 06, 2022

The Nornickel company allocated funds to purchase a woodworking complex for the village needs.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Under the Hare Stone Nganasan community head Vyacheslav Yarotsky’s project, Nornickel allocated a woodworking complex, which is planned to be used for the village needs.

The equipment has already arrived in the village. According to Vyacheslav Yarotsky, it is necessary to find a suitable place and connection options. The owner of targeted assistance is engaged in carpentry work at the social facilities of the village. Nornickel also helped Vyacheslav with this work by providing building materials for the social project.

This summer, Vyacheslav Yarotsky repaired and partially replaced the floors in the kindergarten.
In the summer, the community leader dismantled the worn-out floor in one of the children’s rooms and changed the boards using the building material received for the project. Needless to say, what a big gratitude he got from the children’s parents and the kindergarten staff.

“The floor in the room collapsed, walls and windows were slightly warped. The wind blew in the crack, in winter, you understand, this is a real disaster for the kindergarten. And this year, Vyacheslav Yarotsky offered to repair the floors here”, says Alexandra Chunanchar, the Volochanka preschool group teacher.

Vyacheslav himself says that he used to be fond of woodworking and even studied carpentry in Dudinka. In Volochanka, building materials are very expensive because they are imported and it takes a long time to deliver them. Having organized the community and become a member of the coordinating council of indigenous peoples at Nornickel, Vyacheslav came up with a project to help his fellow villagers with building materials and wood work.

“We have an old housing stock, repairs of houses are constantly required, but we can’t wait for building materials, and they are expensive. On the other hand, here on the Heta river, we can catch a lot of driftwood – the trees that the river carries, which can be used for building materials. Once upon a time there was a sawmill in Volochanka, and we managed with our own wood, I could even make some furniture. It’s time to revive this practice”, Vyacheslav says.

Based on the needs of the village, Vyacheslav chose the necessary woodworking equipment on the Internet and made an application to the Nornickel company. The experts found our project promising and purchased the equipment for the community.

In the near future, Vyacheslav Yarotsky plans to prepare his woodworking production for launch and begin making the building stuff from local raw materials, which literally lie under his feet. The intentions of the Nganasan carpenter from Volochanka are the most serious, he settled down, having received a new house as well as his fellow villagers under the Nornickel program.

Earlier, This Is Taimyr reported that Nornickel handed over the keys to new houses to the Volochanka villagers.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: author

October 06, 2022

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