Vladimir Potanin congratulated Norilsk with honorary title

Vladimir Potanin congratulated Norilsk with honorary title

November 17, 2022

The Nornickel company’s head noted that the city’s War years’ history is a history of continuous feat.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Nornickel company’s head Vladimir Potanin congratulated the Norilsk residents on awarding the region’s metallurgical capital the City of Labor Prowess status. Recall that the corresponding decree was signed by the state head Vladimir Putin on November 15.

Vladimir Potanin noted that the title was awarded for the residents’ significant contribution to the Great Patriotic War Victory, and the history of the northern city of those years is the history of continuous feat, labor victories and true heroism:

“The city was called a ‘front without shots’: the tension required to work in the most difficult conditions of the Arctic was enormous, there was not enough equipment and resources. Despite this, it took less than a year to send the first batch of pure nickel to the mainland, which became the basis for the T-34 tanks armor, known for its invulnerability”.

During the War, the Norilsk combine was increasing nickel production, simultaneously mastering the production of cobalt and precious metals, increasing coal production – everything that was so necessary for the Victory.

“This feat reverberates in the heart of every Norilsk citizen even today. Together with the combine, the city grew, the special, inflexible character of the Norilsk people was forged. Now Norilsk is recognized as a City of Labor Prowess. This is a tribute to our history and, at the same time, a status that sets a benchmark for the current citizens and the Nornickel employees.

Today Norilsk is going through a new stage of development. The result of the city and its inhabitants’ work is not just metals that are in demand all over the world and a significant contribution to the Russian economy, but this is a necessary condition for technical progress”, Vladimir Potanin addressed the Norilsk people.

The Nornickel’s head noted that it is thanks to the polar mines and plants that space exploration programs are being implemented and the most advanced technologies are being created in all areas of science and life:

“The future is created by your hands. Dear residents of Norilsk, I congratulate you on being awarded this high rank. Labor prowess is not only a heroic past, but also a confident look forward, because we appreciate the merits of our ancestors and believe in our future”.

It should be reminded that more than 48 000 residents from all over Russia voted for granting the honorary status to Norilsk.

Last year, the region’s capital – Krasnoyarsk – was awarded the title of City of Labor Prowess.

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Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Denis Kozhevnikov, Nikolay Shchipko and Norilsk archives

November 17, 2022

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