The Ust-Port and Karaul villages schools were given the names of prominent Taimyrians

The Ust-Port and Karaul villages schools were given the names of prominent Taimyrians

May 13, 2020

The honorary citizens of Taimyr took the initiative to perpetuate the countrymen’s memory.

The name of Ivan Nader was assigned to the Karaul secondary boarding school, and Lyubov Nenyang’s name was given to the Ust-Port secondary school.

The initiative was referred to the specialists of the district administration education department, who were guided by the All-Russian Popular patriotic project The Name of the Hero – to School. They emphasized that the main goal of the project is to give schoolchildren an interest in studying the history and culture of their country by assigning the names of outstanding compatriots to Russian schools. It is symbolic that the work was completed in the Year of Memory and Glory.

Lyubov Nenyang – is the first Nenets writer, a member of the USSR Journalists Union (1970), a member of the USSR Writers Union (1982), an honorary citizen of Taimyr (1990). She graduated from the Ust-Port boarding school, Igarka Pedagogical College, Leningrad Pedagogical Institute after Herzen. The first publications of Lyubov appeared in the Taimyr newspaper in 1962 under the pseudonym L. Sorokin. These were prosaic essays, the heroes of which were the inhabitants of the harsh North.

Lyubov Nenyang collected and explored Nenets folklore. Published nenets tales and legends in the periodical press. In addition, Lyubov Nenyang, who is considered the first nenets poetess, wrote poems in the nenets language on a variety of topics. Nenyang wrote a large number of songs for the Taimyr song and dance band Heiro – in collaboration with the composer Alexander Kuznetsov.

Ivan Nader lived and worked in the village of Karaul. One of the first communists in Taimyr. He went to the front of the Great Patriotic War in 1943. Ivan Nader had many fights, but there was the last one in which he died a brave death. In the posthumous award sheet, his combat feat is stated as follows: “When repelling the enemy’s counterattack, when confusion occurred among the soldiers, he rushed forward to the fascists with an appeal: “For the Motherland!” The fighters, inspired by the courage of Nader, repelled the enemy’s counterattack successfully. For his feat, he was posthumously awarded the Patriotic War Order of the II degree, the medal “For Military Merit.” One of the streets in Karaul was named after Ivan Nader.

Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: Taimyr Administration Press Office

May 13, 2020

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