Regional authorities to update Norilsk healthcare

Regional authorities to update Norilsk healthcare

May 02, 2024

Mikhail Kotyukov spoke about plans to support the Norilsk interdistrict hospital’s resources.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. According to the regional government’s plans, the Norilsk interdistrict hospital No. 1 will undergo renovation in 2024.

The regional budget also provides almost 56 million rubles for the diesel boiler house’s chimney pipe dismantling. However, money is needed to develop a major renovation project and subsequent work in the perinatal center building.

The Krasnoyarsk region’s governor Mikhail Kotyukov included a visit to the Oganer hospital and the perinatal department into the plan of his working trip to Norilsk to see the medical institution’s condition and to get information from the interdistrict hospital’s head.

What actions will be taken?

“The building structural elements’ condition will be assessed. We will resolve the issue with the modular boiler room, which is located next to the perinatal center, but is not involved in its daily work”, said Mikhail Kotyukov. “The boiler room is designed to be turned on in extreme situations of ultra-low temperatures. This is a reserve structure, it does not participate in the area life support, however, the construction requires an operational technical solution”.

The governor also noted that a contract has already been concluded for the renovation in the Oganer hospital’s nearby main building in order to transfer mothers and children there during repairs and emergency work. The move will probably happen in June.

Medical issues are relevant in all districts of the city. The topic is constantly raised on the feedback platform and in personal meetings with the governor. Residents are concerned about the doctors’ qualifications, the equipment provision, and the medical institutions’ condition.

“Hearing people and responding to their requests is the most important task of government at any level”, Mikhail Kotyukov is sure. “Healthcare is always among the most exciting issues. Last year, at meetings with Norilsk residents, we agreed that the regional Health Ministry would undertake a detailed study of this social aspect’s state in all districts of the city. Including in connection with the transport remoteness of the territory. There are several hospitals of regional subordination in Norilsk; the staffing level is not one hundred percent, but there are positive results: more specialized specialists have come to the city. It is important to continue staffing medical institutions”.

For this purpose, the region has a program to support specialists: those who move to the North are paid additional allowances. The municipal authorities are implementing a program to attract scarce specialists to Norilsk. They actively work with students of the Krasnoyarsk Medical University so that they enter into the targeted training agreement and come to our polar city having received their diploma.

“But for this we need to create conditions”, Mikhail Kotyukov emphasized. “To make Norilsk attractive, including for doctors, a comprehensive plan for socio-economic development is being implemented, the territory is being improved – a lot is being done to make the city stand out from other municipalities even being in difficult climatic conditions”.

The governor said that he and the head of Norilsk have the task of implementing an additional social guarantee for medical workers.

“There is a corresponding order from the Russian Federation president to introduce a norm under which state healthcare institutions’ employees will be able to apply for housing after ten years of work. I think that in Norilsk we will be able to resolve the housing issue through renovation, which involves the construction of a large number of residential buildings. And give an incentive to qualified specialists to choose Norilsk as a place to live and work”.

Earlier, the Nornickel Polar Division donated Pirogov’s interactive anatomical table to future Norilsk doctors – there are only two such high-tech tables in the Krasnoyarsk region.

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Text: Maria Ivanova

May 02, 2024

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