Nornickel to become main expert in partnerships with indigenous peoples

Nornickel to become main expert in partnerships with indigenous peoples

November 02, 2023

At the international forum, scientists and practitioners will discuss forms of business participation in ensuring the sustainable development of ethnic groups.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Public-Private Partnership in the Sphere of Sustainable Development of Indigenous Peoples international forum will be held in Moscow on November 2–3. The event organizers are the Federal Agency for National Affairs, the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, and the Nornickel company.

The meeting will consider strategies and forms of business participation in ensuring the sustainable development of indigenous peoples through corporate programs, agreements with authorities and associations of ethnic groups, infrastructure development and environmental protection on traditional lands, government regulatory approaches and the effectiveness of the indigenous peoples participation in these areas.

“Social responsibility lies in the desire of business to take into account the needs and rights of indigenous peoples, acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development”, said Igor Barinov, head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities Affairs.

On the first day of the forum, November 2, a session Ethnological Expertise, Effective Programs and Mechanisms for Building Relations with Indigenous Peoples is planned at the international trade center. Its co-organizers are Nornickel and the Arctic Development Project Office (PORA).

The basis of Nornickel’s practice was ethnological examination in Taimyr in 2020. It gave impetus to the development of corporate law and Nornickel’s long-term strategy in relations with indigenous peoples, taking into account Russian experience and international standards. Its results also formed the basis of a comprehensive program for the indigenous peoples and their traditional residence territories socio-economic development.

The Arctic Development Project Office (PORA) acted as an ethnoexpertise operator in Taimyr in 2020. In addition, PORA is the operator of the ethnoexpertise currently being carried out in the Murmansk region in terms of the development of the Kolmozersky lithium deposit.

At the session Reducing the Impact of Industrial Activities on Indigenous Peoples, which will take place on November 3, it is planned to consider the practical purpose of scientific and methodological support for relations between business and indigenous peoples.

Issues under consideration include government and corporate environmental protection measures, effective approaches to conducting ethnological, ethnographic, and other government and non-governmental examinations, methodology for compensation of losses, assessment and monitoring of the impact of industrial projects on the living conditions of indigenous peoples.

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Text: Denis Kozhevnikov, Photo: author and Nornickel’s press service

November 02, 2023

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