Norilsk residents were told how to make money by social projects

Norilsk residents were told how to make money by social projects

April 27, 2022

With the Nornickel support, trainings were held for entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Nornickel organized two-day training sessions in the city for representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as non-profit organizations, during which participants practiced the skills to create an effective presentation of projects and products, practical tools for strategic planning and forecasting. No less useful for the Norilsk people was the workshop How to Commercialize Part of the NPOs’ Activities.

Dmitry Bogdanov, well-known to the Norilsk entrepreneurial community, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs business school vice president, Ph.D. in Economics, expert in the implementation of federal-level acceleration programs for small businesses, lecturer at leading Russian business schools.

“You should not think that a product project presentation is a spontaneous event”, the host addressed the business owners and NPOs. “The presentation requires careful preparation, it has many important functions”.

“The training program is very intense”, shared his impressions Denis Koval, head of the Fablab-Norilsk department. “I was interested to learn about customer acquisition tools. Dmitry Bogdanov talked about this using various Russian companies example”.

For Natalya Karpushkina, the Karpushkino Family Communities and Specialists Association head, working with children, the workshop on how to commercialize part of NPO activities was especially useful, according to her.

“In our center, which is designed, among other things, for children with disabilities, correctional teachers, speech therapists, defectologists, and a neuropsychologist work”, says Natalya Karpushkina. – In addition, we provide services for normotypical children. There are many directions. These are group and individual classes online and offline with tutors of elementary grades in all areas, and preparation for school, and English for preschoolers and schoolchildren. This is also the Domashka project, which involves doing homework online and offline with children. We have early development groups, sports sections and much more”.

In February of this year, the initiative of the Family communities and specialists association working with children became the winner of the social projects competition under the Nornickel’s World of New Opportunities program.

With the allocated grant, Karpushkino is now creating a safe sensory environment for children with disabilities of preschool and primary school age.

What can be done to reduce dependence on grant funds? How to determine the market prospects of a non-profit organization product? What are the features of sales planning? These were just some of the questions addressed by the workshop participants.

Using the example of Russian NPOs, Dmitry Bogdanov showed how it is possible to monetize activities by implementing social projects while remaining within the law. For example, there are NPOs where blind people make money. Hand-made dumplings, birch bark mugs – this is only a small part of what they can do. Dmitry told how to implement a competitive idea, so that such categories of people create things that will be really useful for consumers and NPOs would receive money.

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Text: Elena Popova, Photo: participants

April 27, 2022

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