Norilsk people go running for the sake of children

Norilsk people go running for the sake of children

May 09, 2020

The organizers of the charity event "Norilsk, run with me!" suggest running to the Moon this time.

“Good does not go on vacation, and responsiveness does not wait for the weekend,” the organizers of the annual charity race say.

The northernmost and largest (last year it brought together 5,255 people and became the most massive among Russian cities participating in the action) race will take place under any circumstances.

The anniversary race is scheduled for July 12. In the meantime, the organizers remind the Norilsk residents why this is all being done. So, during registration, each participant makes a charitable contribution of at least 200 rubles. The funds raised are used for treatment and rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Thanks to the project, children have the opportunity to get the necessary help in the best clinics of the country. For example, last year, according to the results of the race, 1 million 388 thousand rubles were collected, and this money was enough for the treatment of 13 children.

But along with amateur athletes, professionals also go to the start. Therefore, this year it was decided to expand the scope of the traditional race, and a new dimension of participation appeared – kilometers of good. You can run them even without leaving your home. For example, on the running track in your flat, on a staircase or in any other convenient way. The contribution for each kilometer is 250 rubles. From the total amount of the contribution, the distance the participant ran will be calculated.

The sum of kilometers all the participants of the Norilsk, Run with Me! charity race run will allow you to compare the distance and understand what path the Norilsk people have overcome: from Norilsk to Moscow or, perhaps, to the Moon.

“Indifferent residents of the Big Norilsk and the Taimyr municipal district have already helped 13 children with disabilities get treatment in the best clinics of the country. All this is the result of a sincere desire to help children at the behest of the soul and heart. And today we have the opportunity to help four more children”, Natalya Korosteleva, The Deputy Head of Norilsk on social policy, informed about the purpose of the anniversary run. “This is an incredible story showing how sport is connected not only with the body, but also with the spirit. Performing this race, you will be proud of yourself, not only because you have managed to overcome a certain distance, but also because you have taken part in helping children in need. We are going to run for the sake of children, in the name of health and life for the fifth year in a row!”

You can announce your participation in the charity race Norilsk, Run with Me! – 2020 now. To do this, you need to take a photo or video of your participation, post it on your social networks pages with hashtags #норильскбегисомной, #километрыдобра, #фондтерриториядобра, #норникель, #мирновыхвозможностей, tell us how many times you have run for good and wait for new information. According to the organizers, the details will be announced very soon.

Text: Julia Gubeladze, Photo: Nikolay Schipko, the Territory of Good charitable foundation archive

May 09, 2020

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