Norilsk houses to be saved

Norilsk houses to be saved

August 14, 2020

The Scissors graffiti project has started in the city.

According to the Scissors project, the Norilsk graffiti artists will ennoble the damaged facades. The project started with painting the emergency exits of the public library at 20 Leninsky prospect.

The artist Daria Utrobina worked there. Her drawings show familiar characters: a cat from the library’s social networks, as well as the magical attributes of the familiar Boy Who Survived – Harry Potter: his magic wand and the snitch. The design of the mural was developed by Irina Panacheva, the artist of the Norilsk Centralized Library System.

According to Tatyana Gerasenko, a leading specialist in the department for the development of branch services for culture and art of the city administration, the idea of ​​closing the facades with beautiful drawings was born in a life situation: her colleague Maria Rodionova was walking with a child and saw obscene inscriptions on the wall of one of the houses.

There are plans for residential buildings, but the it requires the homeowners’ permission from. The work costs must be covered by the grant won by Norilsk within the Territory of the Krasnoyarsk region infrastructure project.

Interestingly, that other objects notable in Norilsk belong to Daria’s hand. For example, recently it was her drawing that adorned the wall of the sawmill in the courtyard of 10a Ordzhonikidze street. Other large projects were a substation at Talnakhskaya, 27, and a substation in the yard of Komsomolskaya, 7, where a hockey rink recently appeared as part of the Hockey for Children project. Daria also participated, along with other authors, in painting the stairs at the entrance to Kayerkan.

The girl has been studying graffiti for about four years, she herself studied various techniques and work with spray cans and believes that the best teacher is practice. That is why she takes on different projects. And now the library is one of them, to which, she says, she responded with pleasure, especially since she had already worked with the Centralized Library System. She uses professional paint, all cans are delivered from Moscow. But it’s worth it, the artist is sure: the drawings look bright even after years.

According to Tatyana Zhuravleva, deputy director of the Norilsk Centralized Library System, the appearance of graffiti is only the beginning of the transformation of the library. Now the CLS specialists, together with the contractor, are preparing design for finishing the facade of the entire building in 2021/22. Participation in the federal program for the modernization of libraries is also in the plans for 2022/23. There are ideas for the internal reconstruction of the library at 20a Leninsky prospect. The first floor today, according to librarians, is cramped for a large audience; it should become larger due to the fact that the conference hall will become mobile. For this, contractors are designing the sliding walls.

“If everything works out, we will get an additional 200 square meters of space, and be able to hold large events in the large hall”, says Tatyana Zhuravleva. “There are also plans to rebuild the third floor into a large space with glass partitions, this will make it modern, convenient for communication, lectures and meetings”.

Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: Olga Polyanskaya and Daria Utrobina

August 14, 2020

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