New security equipment appeared at Norilsk airport

New security equipment appeared at Norilsk airport

October 06, 2020

The city's air harbor has been replenished with three modern metal detector frames and a unique spectrometer.

The new equipment is fully certified and meets the requirements of the federal law on transport safety. As experts say, with its help it has become much easier to identify dangerous and prohibited items and substances.

“The equipment is expensive. About 20 million rubles were spent on it and the previous batch as part of investment projects of the Nornickel Polar Division”, said Sergey Erastov, acting head of the aviation security service at Norilsk airport.

The interlocutor noted that according to the requirements of the federal law on transport safety, the inspection equipment supplied to airports must be certified. That is why in Norilsk, as well as throughout the country, over the past few years, the technical means of screening passengers and baggage have been gradually updated.

As Sergey Erastov emphasized, the new equipment fully justifies the money spent on it. In the last six months, there were more than 40 cases of seizure of items and substances prohibited for transportation at the Norilsk airport. So, for example, inattentive Norilsk residents forget to report that they are transporting ammunition, piercing and cutting objects, and stun guns. Even dummies of training grenades were found in the luggage of the townspeople.

“The equipment is really high-quality and reliable, with its help the degree of detection of dangerous and prohibited items is increased”, added Andrey Shkodinov, head of the aviation security inspection group at Norilsk airport. “The spectrometer Chimexpert-T, which provides operational identification of chemical and biological agents in liquid, solid and bulk form is a unique certified device of domestic production, which is capable of detecting about 15 thousand substances prohibited for transportation. And it works very simply: an object of inspection is placed on its top, an analysis is carried out. After ten seconds we find out what kind of substance is in front of us, whether it is sulfur or ordinary drinking water. Besides, the device is not bulky, lightweight, and mobile. We now have two such spectrometers”.

In the near future, it is planned to purchase additional spectrometers and metal detector frames for the airport, as well as detectors of explosive vapors and X-ray television inspection systems.

Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: Artyom Finn

October 06, 2020

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