New books for Taimyr school

New books for Taimyr school

September 23, 2020

Textbooks in Dolgan and Nganasan languages will be published for the Volochanka school.

The Krasnoyarsk Arctic Foundation will develop and publish new books for the school in the Volochanka village with the help of a grant from the Arctic Development Project Office (PORA). The funds will be used to print updated textbooks on the Dolgan and Nganasan languages ​​for the school which was broken out by fire. It was the only one in the village and burned to the ground on August 8.

For PORA, this grant became the 200th anniversary grant issued since 2018. More than 400 copies of visual aids for the Dolgan and Nganasan languages speech development ​​for primary schools, as well as preschool groups of so-called language nests will be printed with the grant funds. A workshop will be held for teachers on working with these books. For this, the methodologists of the Taimyr municipal district will come to Volochanka. The classes using the new student books are scheduled to start in October.

The Taimyr village of Volochanka

“Of course, it is a pity that such an emergency situation became the reason for updating the school library. But in these circumstances, we decided to do everything possible to improve the school supplies, and we are approving the updated sketches, on which the artists will soon start working”, said the author of the project Anna Kartashova.

Anna Kartashova holds the posts of Director of the Information and Methodological Center of the Taimyr Municipal District and Director of the Taimyr Foundation for the Promotion of Science, Culture, Education and Sports named Krasnoyarsk Arctic. She lives and works in Dudinka and is the public representative of PORA in Taimyr.

The authors of the textbooks

Nganasan textbooks are developed by the teacher of the Nganasan language nest Elena Porbina; self-taught artist, the son of the Nganasan artist Motumyaku Turdagin – Andrey Turdagin; Svetlana Zhovnitskaya, deputy director of the methodological center, founder of the Nganasan writing system, author of Nganasan textbooks, methodologist-curator of the Language Nests project in Volochanka; Vladislav Yarotsky, a resident of Volochanka and also a self-taught artist; resident of Volochanka Elena Yarotskaya.

Let us recall that the grant program of the Arctic Development Project Office is aimed at supporting projects in the field of sustainable development of the Far North. Individuals can get 50 thousand rubles for a project, and legal entities – 100 thousand. You can view grants examples and apply on the PORA website.

As the This Is Taimyr wrote earlier, the pupils of the burnt-out Volochanka school are now studying in two shifts. And the famous photographer Alexander Himushin is collecting money to restore the school. He announced a charity auction.

Text: Olga Polyanskaya, Photo: Andrey Ivanov, Kirill Tikhomirov and PORA

September 23, 2020

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