Indigenous minorities get support from Nornickel

Indigenous minorities get support from Nornickel

October 06, 2022

The coordinating council accepts initiatives from community members and helps in their implementation.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Nornickel helps indigenous communities in preparation for the autumn-winter season. Since 2020, a total of 49 communities throughout Taimyr, including the rural settlements of Hatanga and Karaul, have received such support. In Volochanka alone, the company coordinating council includes more than 15 indigenous communities.

The coordinating council accepts initiatives from community members and helps in their implementation. For example, Vyacheslav Yarotsky, the head of the Hare Stone community from Volochanka, received assistance in purchasing equipment for wood processing. According to the project terms, any resident of the village can now turn to him for help in repairing or making wooden items.

For the same purpose, Nornickel provided the community of Vladimir Katyginsky with snowmobiles, which, if necessary, can be used by every resident of Volochanka. Pensioners, single mothers can now use it to take people to the hospital, deliver firewood, coal, food and much more. The equipment was bought to help the citizens in need.

This summer, a new sports ground was opened in Volochanka, in September the keys to six new houses were handed over to needy residents, next year it is planned to build a playground near the kindergarten. In 2023, it is also planned to build a new feldsher-obstetric station in Volochanka with an apartment for a medical worker, which will be fully furnished, as well as the station will be provided with the necessary medical equipment.

Next year, it is planned to start transporting components for a new cultural center for 100 people. As soon as the package of documents receives a positive conclusion, they will begin to select a contractor for construction.

In addition, in Dudinka, seven sets of prefabricated individual houses are waiting to be sent via the winter road – four for Volochanka and three for Ust-Avam. The contractors who have handed over six houses in Volochanka now will build the rest of the housing for the villagers. In 2024, it is planned to start building the next series of residential buildings.

During the off-season – the ice on the river has not yet settled and the tundra has not frozen – at the request of the residents, the company delivered essential products by helicopter. On the return flight to Norilsk, fish caught by indigenous communities was delivered to Norilsk stores.

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Text: Victor Tsaryov, Photo: Victor Tsaryov

October 06, 2022

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