Giant gas duct installed in Sulfur Program main workshop

Giant gas duct installed in Sulfur Program main workshop

December 24, 2022

To mount the element with a diameter of two human heights, jeweler's precision was required.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Nornickel specialists have installed a titanium gas flue in the main workshop of the Sulfur Program, a key environmental project for capturing and utilizing sulfur dioxide in production.

The largest piece of equipment has a diameter of four meters – more than two human heights.

The flue is an important facility in the technological chain of the future production of sulfuric acid from gases generated during the ore dressing process.

“We are in a closed circuit, and the only way to bring the gas duct into the workshop is through the opening in the temporary gate, almost the size of the gas duct itself – 4 meters 300 millimeters. It turns out that we are catching these millimeters in order to deliver this important equipment to the workshop and mount it”, said Artem Molchanov, a manufacturer of welding and installation works for technological equipment and pipelines.

The complex of titanium gas ducts with a total weight of more than 75 tons will take up most of the workshop and will accompany almost the entire path of gas conversion into sulfuric acid.

The technology is as follows: first, the gas from the furnaces will enter the cooling tower through a stainless steel pipe. There it will cool down to 60 degrees. Then, through a fiberglass pipeline, it enters the evaporative cooling tower and cools down to 40 degrees there.

At the outlet, the gas will enter the titanium gas duct and then to the wet electrostatic precipitators. There the gas will be additionally purified. Then, through the gas duct, it will enter the mixing tower, where it will combine with oxygen, and after that it will go to the drying towers for final drying for a chemical reaction with a catalyst in the contact apparatus and with an absorbent in absorbers. From there, the final product of the workshop – sulfuric acid – will go to a special collector.

In two years, the construction of the Sulfur Program at the Nadezhda metallurgical plant (NMZ) has reached its final stage. Almost 80 percent of the installation of all metal structures has been completed, almost 100 percent of concrete work has been done.

Less than a year is left before the launch of the project at the NMP. The Sulfur Program will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions at the plant by 45 percent. With the launch of the project at the Copper plant, the overall reduction in emissions will be up to 90 percent.

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Text: Oksana Serova and Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

December 24, 2022

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