Five more custom-made severobuses purchased for Norilsk

Five more custom-made severobuses purchased for Norilsk

September 26, 2023

New branded LiAZ trucks will be sent from Murmansk via the Northern Sea Route.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Five new northern buses (severobuses) are already on their way to Norilsk. The city will get them under the Krasnoyarsk region governor’s program – New Bus.

The cars were manufactured at the Likinsky Bus Plant on a special order, taking into account the climatic conditions of Norilsk. Branded LiAZs are equipped with diesel engines of the Euro-5 eco-standard, an automatic transmission, a gas exhaust system with outlet to the top to avoid deterioration of visibility for other road users, thermal insulation of parts under the bus bottom, which extends the service life of all systems, LED lighting elements which is relevant in conditions of the polar night and insufficient visibility, electronic information displays, video surveillance systems in the cabin and outside, stationary validators.

Similar severobuses have been used in Norilsk since 2022, and Norilsk residents have already managed to appreciate the comfort of modern public transport, said Roman Serbin, the Norilsk city council’s deputy commission for city affairs’ chairman. He is now on a business trip to Murmansk, where the northern buses for Norilsk have arrived:

“During meetings with work collectives and Norilsk residents personally, we always ask whether the severobuses met the passengers’ expectations. And so far we have not received a single negative comment – buses are truly optimal for passenger transportation in our conditions. The only thing the townspeople would like to add is more buses to operate on all city routes. Of course, it will not be possible to immediately update the bus fleet of a municipal carrier; this will happen gradually”.

Roman Serbin added that five new northern buses purchased under the governor’s program are even more adapted to northern conditions. In particular, the vehicles are equipped with special signals for operation in difficult weather conditions, insulation for the engine compartment and built-in safes for drivers. In addition, these northern buses have autonomous air heaters – this will allow them to heat the interior if the engine stalls on the way, say, on an inter-district highway, that is, passengers will not freeze while waiting for help.

Before the start of winter navigation along the Northern Sea Route, Norilsk buses will be in Murmansk. They are planned to be released on the line by the end of 2023, but everything will depend on the workload of ships carrying cargo for Norilsk and Taimyr. Let us add that there are now 15 northern buses on their way to the city, purchased on lease with municipality funds.

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Text: Victor Tsaryov, Photo: Norilsk city council of deputies’ press service

September 26, 2023

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