Demand for miners in Russia increased by 207 percent

Demand for miners in Russia increased by 207 percent

August 30, 2021

In the Krasnoyarsk region, specialists in this field are offered a salary of 120 thousand.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. For 8 months of 2021, the number of vacancies for miners in Russia increased by 207 percent. The research was conducted by analysts on the eve of Miner’s Day, which is celebrated in Russia on the last Sunday of August.

Over the year, 18 percent of all offers were placed by companies from the Kemerovo region, 9 percent from the Rostov region, 7 percent each in the Krasnoyarsk region and the Republic of Saha, and 5 percent each in Moscow and the Irkutsk region.

The largest number of candidates live in Kuzbass – 24 percent and in the Rostov region – 9 percent. 90 percent of all candidates have mining experience, the majority in the profession for more than six years.

A monument to a miner in Talnah (a district of Norilsk)

46 percent of applicants are between the ages of 30 and 40, the share of specialists under 30 is 23 percent, almost the same – 24 percent – are candidates from 40 to 50. And 6 percent are specialists over 50 years old.

A miner is one of the scarcest specialties in the country: the demand for them significantly exceeds the supply. On average, there are only 1.4 resumes per vacancy. The ratio, which is comfortable for the labor market, is 5-6 CVs per vacancy.

On average, employers offer miners 88.8 thousand rubles. Most specialists are ready to pay in the Krasnoyarsk region – 120.2 thousand. This is the highest figure in the country. At the same time, our region has the highest salary expectations in this area – 104.4 thousand rubles.

In the most miner’s region of the country, the Kemerovo region, the average salary is 79.8 thousand rubles.

Earlier we told that Norilsk miners gave the country 430 million tons of ore. We also told how the second mine of Talnah started working half a century ago. And last year, at the foot of Otdelnaya mountain, the sign Talnah Started Here was reconstructed.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

August 30, 2021

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