City of Labor Valor voting going on until end of March

City of Labor Valor voting going on until end of March

March 16, 2022

More than 18.5 thousand signatures have been already put.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The Museum of Norilsk held a campaign to collect signatures in support of the initiative to award Norilsk the title of city of labor prowess.

Norilsk veterans, youth and social activists visited the exposition – The Battle for Nickel. Labor Exploits of the Norilsk People during the Great Patriotic War – and put their signatures.

All veteran organizations of the city support the initiative to confer the honorary title on Norilsk.

“We know perfectly well what an invaluable contribution our city made to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is primarily a labor feat, metal, which became armor for the worker-peasant Red Army. As a resident of Norilsk, I am especially pleased that the collection of signatures and the whole initiative has become truly popular and united us in the desire to achieve the assignment of a long-deserved title to our city”, said Valery Shaburin, deputy of the Norilsk City Council, chairman of the Council of War and Labor Veterans of Norilsk.

A Great Patriotic War participant family member Nina Sapozhnikova has voted for the initiative:

“Norilsk is more than worthy of such a title. I moved to this city in 1956 from the Rostov region, worked at the plant, at the Ugolny Ruchey mine. I love Norilsk, I don’t want to leave here. Everyone calls me to the mainland – to Abakan, to Krasnoyarsk, and to many other places – I refuse, because I love Norilsk.

Now more than 18.5 thousand people have supported the idea of ​​conferring the honorary title City of Labor Valor on Norilsk.

“Of course, all members of the public chamber have already put their signatures. We see how reverently all the inhabitants of the city treat this action. And our task is to tell as much as possible about this feat of the Norilsk people during the Great Patriotic War. We are very grateful to the museum staff for being able to convey so subtly how hard it was, how hard the first nickel was mined. We must remember this and pass it on from generation to generation to young Norilsk residents”, said Tatyana Skorik, chairman of the local public chamber.

Anyone can take part in the voting, regardless of place of residence, in a special section on the website of the mayor’s office at the link. Here you can find information about the life of Norilsk and Norilsk residents during the Great Patriotic War and vote in the initiative support.

Earlier, the local garrison also voted for conferring the honorary title of City of Labor Valor on Norilsk. In our regular section History Spot we tell about our city history, including during the War years.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Vladimir Makushkin and Yuri Botsa

March 16, 2022

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