Backlit fountains installed in Dolgoye Lake park

Backlit fountains installed in Dolgoye Lake park

September 14, 2020

The next step is to plant birch, cotoneaster and lilac seedlings.

Illuminated fountains were installed in Dolgoye Lake recreation park. And this is not last transformation of the territory before onset of cold weather. In near future, specialists will begin planting 70 birches, the same number of cotoneaster and 100 lilacs.

Last fall, on the recommendations of the specialists from the Research Institute of Agriculture and Ecology of the Arctic, 20 cotoneasters, 15 birches and 6 Japanese spiraeas were planted in the park. They were brought from the Krasnoyarsk nursery. They all wintered well, and the experiment was decided to be continued.

“In the spring, the plantings will bloom, and the park will be bright and fragrant”, said Bogdan Samokoz, a specialist in urban environment development of the Norilsk Development Agency (NDA). “The fountains will also become the decoration of this park; the idea to install them was born in spring”.

The equipment was ordered in the end of April. This summer, the contractors’ employees sealed and plastered the stone bowls, poured concrete base of fountains, provided them with electrical connections and a feeding controller. It controls the lamps and nozzles according to the given scenario, changing the color and height of foam column. The designer and supplier of the fountain equipment is Moscow company Svetozar Story.

In Norilsk, the installation and commissioning was carried out by the specialists from Mikhail Povoroznyuk IE. The Moscow contractor wrote a program for the project that includes several light and foam scenarios, which could be used to create water paintings for holidays. Now the fountains work from early morning until midnight, but they can be switched to round-the-clock mode.

A recent test made sure that the stone bowls are airtight. All is left to be done is to put fiberglass liners inside that can extend service life of the main bowls.

With onset of cold weather, the equipment of the fountains will be dismantled and taken to a warehouse, because it is sensitive to the temperature changes, and the bowls will be protected from frost. But with spring warming, the fountains will start working again. In winter, the organizers will decorate the park with multi-colored spots. The bright backlight will look good on polar nights.

This work is carried out within the large park improvement project. It is implemented by the NDA jointly with the municipality and supported by Nornickel.

Text: Maria Sokolova, Photo: Evgeny Zhukov and NDA

September 14, 2020

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