Always moving

Always moving

July 29, 2021

Our today's hero is Tatiana Snegireva from the Technological Railway Transport Enterprise.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Tatiana has been working as a sports instructor for less than a year, but despite this, she managed to gain recognition from colleagues in the sports department.

Tatiana Snegireva

Tatiana grew up in an ordinary loving family. She was a mobile child: she constantly wanted to run and jump. Moreover, according to her, from an early age she showed organizational skills.

“I have always been attracted by physical mobility”, she recalls. “My uncle is an athlete who was seriously involved in martial arts. He gave master classes and coached me. I often took part with my parents in family competitions. In general, sleeping all day or sitting around at home is not about me. I always wanted to move, do something and win something”.

When Tatiana was 12 years old, she got seriously interested in basketball. The young athlete trained with the famous Norilsk children’s coach Amina Aminova, who trained many school teams.

After high school, Tatiana studied at the Industrial Technical School of Technology and Service, and then at the Polytechnic College of the Norilsk State Industrial Institute.

Her first place of work was the tax office, where she was engaged in office work. A year later, she changed it for the industrial technological railway transport office.

“Getting to work at the enterprise, any person who has not previously understood sports and did not pay much attention to physical education immediately becomes imbued with the spirit of sports unity”, she says. “When my predecessor as a sports instructor was transferred to another department, I was offered to take her place. I wanted to test myself and happily agreed”.

In the new position, Tatiana has worked for a little more than six months. However, she is already well versed in the intricacies of the matter: she lists the strengths and weaknesses of the athletes, easily recalls dozens of names and sports in which certain participants are strong.

“The Norilsk technological railway transport employs professionals in their field, many of whom are also excellent athletes. Our company has long-standing sports traditions, which, as it seems to me, have been preserved largely due to the interest of the management. By the way, the leaders themselves love sports. A striking example is the deputy head of the enterprise Denis Chernyavskis, an excellent basketball player who also participates in volleyball, athletics, and shooting competitions. Another good basketball player is Alexander Sviridov. In general, the Olympics among the leaders is one of our greatest strengths”, she said.

According to our hero, today out of 2500 workers of the enterprise about half in participate in sports battles. Spartakiads are regularly held inside the enterprise, following the results of which the best athletes receive an invitation to the general Spartakiad of Nornickel. Tatiana herself performs: her main disciplines are athletics, volleyball, shooting, and checkers.

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Text: Mikhail Tuaev, Photo: personal archive of Tatiana Snegireva

July 29, 2021

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