Drying tower tested in Sulfur Program workshop

Drying tower tested in Sulfur Program workshop

November 11, 2022

The sulfuric acid production shop construction is carried out by the STEP company. It is this shop that will receive sulfur oxide from smelting furnaces.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. In this workshop sulfur oxide will be converted into sulfuric acid. Further, it will be mixed with lime milk at other sites of the Sulfur Program and turned into gypsum, which is then stored in a gypsum storage.

Aleksey Kuzminov, the STEP company’s project construction deputy director, spoke about the progress of work at the facility:

“In terms of technological equipment, we are currently in the active phase mainly installing the equipment for the drying and absorption department, we are completing the installation of the last contact apparatus of the contact-compressor department. We are completing the installation of wet electrostatic precipitators – from the first to the fourth. There are eight of them in total. The electrical equipment is being finalized, we are getting ready to install the blower piping and water supply flush”.

Heat exchangers are fully assembled. Workers are preparing for the waste heat boilers installation.

The drying-absorption department installation is in the active phase. Its first group is in the process of completion: two of the three towers are ready.

The contractor tested one drying tower. It dehumidifies the incoming gases from the furnaces to 0.01 percent using 98 percent sulfuric acid. The complex has got heat exchangers, contact devices, wet electrostatic precipitators and a mixing tower. As for the heat exchangers, they cool the incoming gases, which enter the contact apparatus.

The drying tower is tested by the acoustic emission method – it is based on the sound waves analysis, which makes it possible to detect the deformation areas location. This check is preceded by visual measuring and ultrasonic methods.

Visual measurement control is when a specialist goes to the site and checks the quality of welded joints. The acoustic emission method is the final test. Together, all three methods give a complete picture of the quality of the welding work performed. In total, 50 pieces of equipment need to be tested, which means that 150 measurements will be performed.

Previously, four wet cleaning filters were tested – now they are tied with titanium gas ducts.

The main task for four to five months is the large-diameter gas ducts installation. In the near future, STEP plans to begin the installation of gas ducts for the contact-compressor department.

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Text: Angelica Stepanova, Photo: Marina Peshkova

November 11, 2022

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