Norilsk to adopt capital’s experience in housing renovation

Norilsk to adopt capital’s experience in housing renovation

May 21, 2021

During a working trip to the capital, Norilsk specialists studied measures to resettle Muscovites from the old housing stock.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The program, approved in August 2017, provides for the resettlement of more than 350 thousand apartments (5 175 houses) in 15 years, in which about a million people live. To date, 112 renovated houses have been built in the capital, 85 of them have already been occupied. 36.6 thousand residents of 248 old houses have moved or are drawing up documents for resettlement. Now 175 buildings are being built, another 96 houses are being designed.

Norilsk specialists got acquainted with the technical solutions of the house, at the design stage of which the requirements for people with limited mobility were taken into account, as well as the widespread use of the smart standard.

“The housing renovation program being implemented in Moscow makes it possible not only to solve the problem of old and dilapidated housing, but also to make the urban environment comfortable and modern”, the delegation members noted. “A key feature of the program is focus on the people’s needs. So, new buildings, where residents of old houses are relocated, are necessarily equipped with ramps and spacious entrances, and this is very important for people with limited mobility. Much attention is paid to the safety of housing: each apartment has a fire alarm and a fire hydrant. The peculiarity of the capital’s program is also that new houses are being built in the neighborhood with the emptied ones. Apartments for rent with full finishing, including tiles in bathrooms, interior doors, plumbing fixtures, electric stoves and even ceiling lamps. The very quality of finishing work is up to the mark”.

Having studied the materials used for the interior decoration of apartments, the delegation members considered most of them relevant for Norilsk.

The Norilsk specialists were especially interested in the organization of work with citizens. Immediately after the building is put into operation, a public headquarters is created to resolve all issues related to settling: right in the lobby of the first floor of the new building, a reception area for citizens is organized with specialists from various services and departments.

The capital’s housing renovation program allows not only to move to a new house, but also to buy additional meters (up to 100 square meters) at a ten percent discount. In Norilsk, participants in the resettlement program from hazardous housing will also have the opportunity to expand their living space: the residents of the hostels will be relocated to full-fledged one-room apartments.

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May 21, 2021

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