Mayak mine worker’s idea to save million rubles a year

Mayak mine worker’s idea to save million rubles a year

May 25, 2021

Now all LHDs (load haul dampers) are equipped with standard radiators from the manufacturer.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. The radiator’s main drawback is that after a certain period of operation, the elements of the cooling system become unusable. The core of the radiator can be damaged due to mechanical stress, and it is no longer possible to restore such a heat exchanger.

Now all LHDs (load haul dampers) are equipped with standard radiators from the manufacturer

The new model, the Caterpillar high-temperature sectional radiator, has good heat dissipation: it better cools the engine of the machine, which means that it prolongs the life of the equipment.

But there is one more important advantage: such radiators can be repaired – you can replace the damaged, clogged with dust and bent sections with new ones.

The idea was proposed by Eduard Tyanutov, acting deputy head of the Mayak mine underground operation and self-propelled equipment maintenance site.

After graduation from the St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation with a degree in financier he decided to connect his life with underground mine construction and started as a driver of the LHD. So he knows all mountain entrails firsthand, proposing his own initiative. And as a financier, he also calculated the economic effect.

“When a radiator breaks down, it takes 19 hours to replace. This is almost two changes of equipment downtime”, said the author of the idea. “Now, to repair a new type of radiator, you just need to replace the coolant tubes with special tools without dismantling the radiator itself. Well, the heat transfer of this radiator is almost 30 percent higher than that of the previous one. Thanks to the introduction of a new radiator, the savings can amount to eight hundred thousand rubles a year”.

At the end of last year, Eduard Tyanutov’s idea was included in the top 10 best initiatives with an economic effect of over 100 thousand rubles. For Mayak, each such initiative is beneficial. After all, there will be enough ore reserves for another 100 years. So it is imperative to improve the production process with such prospects. And the Production Initiatives program helps in this.

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Oksana Serova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

May 25, 2021

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