Important projects in Norilsk to be completed in time

Important projects in Norilsk to be completed in time

September 20, 2022

The Nornickel president Vladimir Potanin told about the company's investment projects prospects.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Vladimir Potanin assessed the work of a unified control room, which was put into commercial operation in March 2022 at the Nornickel Polar Division’s monitoring center for buildings and structures. Indicators from the sensors of the digital system for permafrost soils geotechnical control flock to the point. Tracking their condition makes it possible to operate the company’s industrial facilities, and in the future, the city’s housing stock, without accidents, as well as to detect dangerous defects and deviations in advance that can lead to buildings damage.

In addition, Vladimir Potanin got acquainted with the Nornickel’s large-scale environmental project Clean Norilsk implementation. By the summer of 2022, over 100 emergency buildings had been dismantled at the Polar Division, and over a million square meters of industrial areas had been cleared.

One of the Nornickel’s most important investment projects, the Sulfur Program, was not left without attention. Vladimir Potanin told what stage it is at:

“The Sulfur Program is included in the promises that the company made to the city, and it will be fulfilled. Like many other projects, it faced supply difficulties, especially with regard to software, that is why some components had to be recalculated. So the commissioning deadlines have shifted, but in the third quarter of next year we plan to launch the project, and Norilsk will feel the results by the end of the year”.

The company’s investments in the Norilsk positive transformation and the economy modernization amount to tens of billions of rubles. All the plans announced by Nornickel under the Norilsk social and economic development program are being implemented, Vladimir Potanin emphasized:

“There is the territory large-scale cleaning. That’s noticeable. We continue the construction of two houses on 50 Let Octyabrya street, the dilapidated buildings and structures demolition is going on. of The Polar State University reconstruction is in progress, it is planned to build a campus for it. In a word, those sensitive projects that are really important for the Norilsk people will be completed in time and to the extent that they were planned. It may be that some projects will have to be shifted to the right, but we will definitely fulfill what we promised. In total, Nornickel pledged more than 80 billion rubles for the implementation of all projects under the agreement with the Russian Federation and the Krasnoyarsk region governments”.

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Text: Anzhelika Stepanova, Photo: Nikolay Shchipko

September 20, 2022

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