The young inventors contest resulted in useful inventions

The young inventors contest resulted in useful inventions

May 07, 2020

The competition of young inventors IMAKE is a project of the Nornickel corporate charity program The World of New Opportunities. It has been implemented since 2018.

The competition became a part of the engineering marathon and was held online. The finals of the contest was also conducted online this time.

Over 110 applications were received for the competition and only 30 participants from Norilsk, Monchegorsk and the Pechenga region, Chita and the Gazimuro-Zavodsky region presented their inventions in the final.

The contest was held in three stages. At the first stage, students came up with ideas that are useful for people. They had to create a prototype layout and tell what tasks this invention can solve.

Participants who completed the second stage finalized projects with experts. The engineer Rostislav Rogachevsky helped the guys to improve their ideas, made recommendations for preparing a layout or 3D model of the invention in a computer program. The public speaking coach Yulia Bomshtein prepared the participants for the projects presentation.

In the final, the contestants presented their projects on YouTube contest channel. One more highlight of the competition this year was the special nomination I Make Antivirus. Vladimir Yuzhakov from Norilsk suggested creating gloves with integrated detectors to evaluate bacterial, viral, or fungal surface lesions. Matvey Verkhoturov invented a surface cleaner based on high-frequency current. Timofei Vinokurov and Ivan Shestakov from the Zabaikalsky region, came up with the way to maintain distance between people using ultrasonic sensors. Mikhail Balinsky from Dudinka developed a project for a pocket multifunctional ultra-thin thermometer. Anastasia Plotnikova from Chita invented a device for monitoring patients’ condition, and Konstantin Panteleev from the village of Gazimursky Zavod proposed the concept of improving antibacterial fluid. Sophia Patskun from Monchegorsk proposed reporting vital data on coronavirus using a computer game.

There were many interesting projects on other topics. So, for example, the third-grader Artem Kurlovich presented a smart desk. The debutant of the contest Katarina Lyamzina came up with the spiked shoe heels for the northern city inhabitants. Varvara Dudina introduced the wall temperature monitoring system TEMPSUR, and Elizaveta Khilik presented the Healthy eyes interactive eye simulator.

Text: Maria Vinnichenko

May 07, 2020

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