Nornickel played hockey in Murmansk port

Nornickel played hockey in Murmansk port

February 19, 2024

Legendary hockey player Alexander Guskov made the world’s first hit on the Arctic container ship Talnah.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. At the Murmansk transport branch of Nornickel, a unique two-on-two hockey match took place right in the port – the ice rink was made between two huge port cranes. The team of Murmansk port workers, consisting of athletes from Kola Mining and Metallurgical Enterprise and Murmansk Transport Branch fought with the vice-world champion, vice-president of the KHL, the Night Hockey League’s Legends Council member Alexander Guskov and the famous blogger VOBON (Vladimir Timofeyev).

At the beginning of the match, the diesel electric ship Talnah greeted all participants with a long whistle. The match began with a symbolic puck throw-in – Guskov performed the world’s first click on the Arctic container ship Talnah.

“This is my first time in Murmansk, my first time at the port. Today I’ve already managed to work as a crane operator. I’ve got amazing emotions from everything I saw! There are a lot of impressions. Usually they break a bottle of champagne on a ship for good luck, but today the organizers came up with the idea of such a puck kick. I couldn’t refuse, and it turned out great. In fact, playing in the port where serious production takes place every day and a large number of employees work is worth a lot. I liked it very much!”, said the hockey player.

The port workers and hockey players played three periods of ten minutes each – the match ended with a score of 9:9. There were a lot of attacks, shots and beautiful games. Alexander Guskov scored four goals and made five assists. Post-match shootouts did not count towards the final score.

“This is very cool. The weather helped us today. The snow is falling so softly, so cool. I love playing hockey on the street. And when you have all this around you, you don’t even understand where you are. Are they filming some kind of blockbuster here? I wanted to stand at the gate, but Guskov said: “Run!”, VOBON blogger shared his impressions of the game.

“I couldn’t even imagine this. The company operates around the clock, all year round. Just building a site in production mode is not the easiest task. But we at Nornickel know how to solve such complex problems. And to try your hand at playing against such a hockey player as Alexander Guskov is a real holiday”, said Denis Safonov, the Murmansk transport branch deputy head.

Let us remember that Nornickel is one of the most sports-oriented companies in Russia, both in the field of professional and amateur sports. The company constantly supports the development of sports in the country. It acts as the main partner of many outstanding sporting events in Russia, increasing its contribution to the sporting potential of our country.

“The Night Hockey League was created at the suggestion of our president. The Nornickel head, Vladimir Potanin, was actively involved, and if not for his participation, such a global success of this league would not have happened. And in the country as a whole, thanks to such large companies as Nornickel, hockey is developing by leaps and bounds. About 90 percent of our guys are amateurs. And I note that some people start skating at 50–60 years old. This surprises us in a good way and makes our nation stronger”, emphasized Alexander Guskov.

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Text: Angelika Stepanova, Photo: Roman Kruchinin

February 19, 2024

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