Northern name in provincial town

Northern name in provincial town

November 02, 2020

The small provincial town of Strunino dates back to the 15th century, but it received the city status just in 1938.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. It is located in the Vladimir region 130 kilometers northwest of the regional center. On the map of modern Strunino there are about 134 streets, avenues, squares and lanes, among which there is an unexpected toponym – Norilskaya.

The settlement on the site of the city was first mentioned in sources in 1492. However, chronicles mention that Alexander Nevsky passed through those lands in the 1240s. Tsar Ivan the Terrible visited those places. As for the name of Strunino, the opinions of historians differ. Today it is difficult to say with certainty where the name comes from. According to one version, it originates from the surname of Afanasy Strunin, to whom in the 17th century Tsar Alexander Mikhailovich handed over the certificate of the estate ownership. Or, perhaps, from the Slavic root ‘strunit’, which means ‘to hunt, to tie an animal caught in the hunt with a rope’.

Before receiving the status of a city, Strunino was a small village in which a little more than 100 people lived. They were mainly engaged in farming, weaving, and making wooden kitchen utensils. In 1874, the Struninskaya weaving manufactory was founded – the largest enterprise in the city, after 1917 it was called Red October. And in 1938 Strunino became a city. Today, a little more than 13 thousand people live there.

The most important sights of the city are the Transfiguration Church, the construction of which began in 1893 and the local ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ – an old chapel leaning to one side, built in 1890. With the advent of Soviet power, they undermined it, tried to pull it off the foundation with cables, but they failed to destroy the chapel. It just tilted and has reached our days in this form. Strunino is also known for its botanical monument – at the end of the 19th century a park was founded there, which later received the name Dubki Tract – today the park is one of the specially protected natural areas.

Most of the city streets are named after fellow countrymen who died on the battlefields during the Great Patriotic War – Shuvalov, Ermakov, Kolesnikov Brothers streets. Parallel to the latter, by the way, on the western outskirts of Strunino, behind the private sector, there is a street with an unexpected name for a small town in the Vladimir outback called Norilskaya. It opens onto a major highway – Lermontov street. There are only five houses on Norilskaya one. The oldest five-story building was constructed in 1971, the newest one was erected on there in 1982.

From Moscow to Strunino, trains run regularly from the Yaroslavsky station. Travel time is two hours. From Sergiev Posad it’s possible to rich Strunino in 40 minutes. From Aleksandrov to Strunino, you can drive in ten minutes. And the city itself can be walked through in a couple of hours.

Text: Elena Popova Photo: open sources

November 02, 2020

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