Norilskaya street in the city of roads

Norilskaya street in the city of roads

August 21, 2020

Novosibirsk is called the city of roads, because it was the Siberian railway that laid the foundation for it and many adjacent cities.

Novosibirsk has not got any special miracles from nature, and there are no echoes of past centuries in it. But it has its own merits, created by the work of contemporaries. It is distinguished by its youth, scale, Siberian scope, and rapid growth. No wonder that Norilskaya street appeared in one of its districts in the middle of the last century.

Novosibirsk is called the city of roads, because it was the Siberian railway that laid the foundation for it and many adjacent cities.

People came to build the bridge, their families came with them, and gradually a settlement was formed, which developed, expanded and increased in number. Soon, it received the status of a countyless city, a city status was adopted, and the city was named Novo-Nikolaevsk. In 1909, it burned, and after that solid buildings began to be build, some of them can still be seen in the city.

The First World War made Novo-Nikolaevsk one of the centers that supplied soldiers, equipment, and food to the front. In 1925 Novo-Nikolaevsk was renamed Novosibirsk. From a county town, it turned into the capital of Siberia. Today it has 10 districts and 2 387 streets, many of them were renamed at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is interesting that there is not a single building on Lyschinsky street in Novosibirsk – that is a ghost district. The house on Sibiryakov-Gvardeytsev street, 49a, stands 2.5 kilometers from the street – who did it and why remains a mystery. The “City Airport” bus stop is located 30 kilometers from the airport itself. Trolleybuses have never run on Trolleynaya Street. Kirov street is located in the Octyabrsky district, the Kirov garden is in the Leninsky and Octyabrsky districts, the Kirov Museum is located in Zheleznodorozhny district, the Kirov Palace of Culture is in Zaeltsovsky, but Kirov square is in Kirovsky district. That is we are interested in.

Norilskaya street is located in the Kirovsky district, on the left bank of the Ob river. The history of this part of Novosibirsk began on the site of the village of Krivoshchekovsky, which dates back to the very first years of Russian colonization on the territory of the future Novosibirsk region.

Information about the existence of the village on the territory of the modern city is contained in the documents of the first Altai mining enterprises, which date back to the end of the 16th century. And today there are 223 streets and 6 245 houses in the Kirovsky district.

Kirovsky district is the industrial base of the city. During the years of the Great Patriotic War, it turned into one of the most powerful centers for the production of certain types of weapons and ammunition, gave birth to new enterprises, including a tin factory, Tyazhstankogidropress plants, metallurgical, construction machinery, chemical one and others. The industrial complex today includes 33 large and medium-sized enterprises. In total, 3 831 companies are registered in the region. The appearance of Norilskaya street there is quite natural. Although this street, like in other cities of the country, is rather small – its length in Novosibirsk is only 423 meters. It intersects with Prokopyevskaya and Fedor Goryachev street. There are only 24 houses on Norilskaya street.

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Text: Elena Popova, Photo: Vyacheslav Stepanov and open sources

August 21, 2020

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