Norilskaya street in Buryat capital

Norilskaya street in Buryat capital

September 04, 2020

The most important industrial center of the Far East - Ulan-Ude is called one of the most beautiful cities.

It organically absorbed three eras: tsarist, Soviet and modern times. In one of its districts Norilskaya street appeared.

The city of Ulan-Ude was founded in 1666 as a winter house for collecting yasak from the local population. Until 1934 it was called Verhneudinsk, after which it was renamed Ulan-Ude, which means Red Uda, that is a red river in Buryat.

According to the city administration, in 1837 there were 20 streets in Verkhneudinsk, 487 houses, including 476 wooden and 11 stone ones, owned by eminent merchants. As historians testify, the townspeople settled mainly by class, and this was reflected in the names of the then streets: Meshchanskaya, Raznochinskaya, 1st and 2nd Soldiers. Some streets were named after famous people, honorary citizens, “city fathers”, merchants: Goldobinskaya (Trudovaya now), Losevskaya (a Communist one now).

After the October revolution, the old street names were replaced with new ones – in honor of prominent party and state leaders, active fighters for Soviet power, heroes of the Civil War. Lenin, Kuibyshev, Lebedev streets appeared in Ulan-Ude. During the five-year plans, when the rapid industrialization of the republic began, Sawmill, Lesozavodskaya, Transportnaya streets appeared.

The city was gradually built. The once distant outskirts of Ulan-Ude became not outskirts, but the center. The line of the East Siberian railway, which crosses Ulan-Ude, delimited two large districts of the city – the Soviet and the relatively young Zheleznodorozhny districts. It arose at the beginning of the 20th century, but began being built up only in the years of Soviet power, when the construction of a locomotive-car repair, brick and aircraft factories began. This is the northern part of Ulan-Ude, notable for the fact that at the end of it you can see the Lysaya Mountain with a Buddhist datsan and quite interesting views of the city from above.

Norilskaya street is located in the Zheleznodorozhny district. Its length is 806 meters. The street is relatively new. Thirty-odd years ago, residents of the city gathered mushrooms and berries, hunted in those places and now a huge residential complex has been built there. One of the first multi-storey buildings dates back to 1990. Norilskaya intersects with Fadeeva and Sosnovaya streets.

Today, the region produces helicopters, steel bridge structures, devices for navigation and heat control systems, repairs locomotives and passenger cars.

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Text: Elena Popova, Photo: open sources

September 04, 2020

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