Norilsk expanded Novokuznetsk’s geography

Norilsk expanded Novokuznetsk’s geography

December 25, 2020

Norilskaya street appeared on the map of the city in the 60s of the last century.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Novokuznetsk is a large industrial center with more than half a million inhabitants, located in the south of Western Siberia, in the Kemerovo region.

One of the oldest cities in Siberia began its four-hundred-year history from the Kuznetsk prison at the mouth of the Kondoma river. The fortress was founded in 1618.

In 1857, the city had about 30 streets. Place names in old Kuznetsk arose naturally. For example, natural objects, terrain features, and some landmark objects in the neighborhood were taken into account. Hence the names of the streets Vodopadnaya, Podkamennaya, Naberezhnaya still exist.

The names in Novokuznetsk were often given on a territorial basis: DOZ (the woodworking plant, the first industrial enterprise, from which the legendary Kuznetskstroy began, the construction of a new city began with it), Teatralny proezd, Prudovaya street. Other place names have appeared in honor of the most important events in history. For example, the Revolution street, 40 years of the Komsomol street, 50 years of October and Victory ones.

The city received a powerful development during the first Soviet five-year plans – at that time under the name of Stalinsk, when in a short time the legendary Kuznetsk metallurgical plant was built, which established the production of armor plates for the front during the Great Patriotic War. It is not surprising that the of Miners’ and Metallurgists’ avenues appeared in the city.

But where did the Amazon street or the Mexican and Himalayan lanes come from in Novokuznetsk? Who was inspired by names like Nitric, Silicate, Anthracite and Dynamite? Historians cannot explain this.

Everything is much simpler with the appearance of the Norilskaya toponym in the city. The street is located in the Ordzhonikidze district, which has always been considered a mining one. Is there need to explain what makes it related to the polar city? There were eight mines in the Ordzhonikidze region, and it was called the coal center of Novokuznetsk. No other city has had such a concentration of coal enterprises. Glorious mining traditions were born there, all-Union records were set.

On the 1269-meter-long street, the houses are mostly private. And quite old, built in the early 60s of the last century.

In the 1970s, dilapidated private houses were gradually demolished and five-story buildings, schools, kindergartens were built. It was supposed to build up the banks of the Tom river, build new multi-level highways, two road bridges – in addition to Baydaevsky one, cinemas, libraries, museums. However, for the most part, the plan hasn’t been implemented.

Text: Elena Popova, Photo: open sources

December 25, 2020

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