Norilsk everywhere

Norilsk everywhere

June 08, 2020

A Norilsk citizen who left the city and has not been having nostalgia for the North is a rare fact. Meanwhile, there are cases when the address is not transformed much.

Imagine, a man used to live in Norilsk, and then he settled in another city, but on Norilskaya Street. There are more than a dozen streets with the same name in different cities of our country. There is Norilskaya street even in Ukraine – in Zaporozhye. And of course, there is one in Moscow.

On Wikipedia you can read: Norilskaya Street is located in the Losinoostrovsky district of the North-Eastern administrative district of Moscow. It crosses the Izumrudnaya and Malygina streets, then Taezhnaya, Taimyrskaya and Startovaya streets and passes to the recreation zone of the Dzhamgarovsky pond. These are Babushkinskaya or Medvedkovo metro stations directions.

The Losinostroovsky district in Moscow, or simply Losinka, is known to all residents of the post-Soviet Union space. Many cult Soviet Union films were shot right there, at the Losinoostrovskaya station. And the first village in the territory of the current region was founded in 1893. By the 1960, the village grew to the city of Babushkin which became a part of Moscow. The area was built up with typical brick houses – five-storey buildings mainly.

“Many of its streets were named after the cities and natural sites of Siberia and the Far East, since Losinka adjoins the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway: Minusinskaya, Shushenskaya, Tayozhnaya and others,” muscovites explain. “There are also Malygina and Chelyuskinskaya streets named in honor of famous explorers of the North.”

The Taimyrskaya and Norilskaya streets appeared in Losinka in 1964. The choice of residents is easy to explain: in the 60s of the last century, the North boomed throughout the country. Talnakh (a part of Norilsk) was declared an all-Union Komsomol construction: the natural resources discovered on the right bank of the Norilskaya river gave a new impetus to the development of the Norilsk plant. Volunteers from all over the country traveled to the Arctic. As a result, Lunacharsky street was renamed by Taimyrskaya one. Norilskaya Street appeared instead of Lesnaya one. Although today, few people remember this. Old names remained in history.

In the fifth house on Taimyrskaya Street, there is a secondary school No. 751, which provides paid educational services. The usual secondary school No. 762, founded in 1937, is situated at the beginning of Norilskaya street. There is also a kindergarten and the Losinoostrovsky Arts center.

Text: Elena Popova

June 08, 2020

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