Evolution of Norilskaya street in Perm city

Evolution of Norilskaya street in Perm city

October 12, 2020

The city in the Cis-Urals on the banks of the large Kama River - Perm is in the fourth place in terms of area after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd.

Just like in these large cities of Russia, the Norilskaya toponym appeared on the map of Perm in the Soviet years.

Perm, along with Yekaterinburg, was founded in 1723 – together with the Yegoshihinsky copper smelter. In addition to the village of Yegoshiha, other ancient settlements later became part of the city – the villages of Zaostrovka, and Verhniye Mully.

Perm received the modern name and status of the city by the decree of Catherine II in 1780, the grand opening of the city and the Perm governorship took place on October 18, 1781. However, the first attempt to systematically approach the streets naming in Perm was made only in the second half of the 19th century.

The names appeared according to certain principles. The streets that went in the direction of the Kama river were given the names of Perm province towns.

The streets crossing them were supposed to receive names related to church themes, but basically this remained the intention. Church names were fixed only for Monastyrskaya, Petropavlovskaya, Pokrovskaya, Voznesenskaya, Ekaterininskaya, Spasskaya and Ilyinskaya.

Classic provincial Perm can be seen on the plans for 1908 and 1914. However, those old names did not last so long: in 1920, most of the central streets of the city were renamed in accordance with the symbols of the coming dictatorship of the proletariat. So, Monastyrskaya street was renamed Trudovaya, Torgovaya became Sovetskaya, Petropavlovskaya – Kommunisticheskaya, Ilyinskaya – Svobodnaya, Meshchanskaya – Proletarskaya, Kungurskaya – Krasny prospekt.

Subsequently, the streets of Perm were renamed more than once in accordance with the political situation.

And in 1954, a two-storey house was built in the city, on the facade of which a plate with the Norilskaya, 1, inscription appeared. Construction on the ‘northern’ street also continued in the 80s and 90s – five-storey buildings appeared there. And at the beginning of the new millennium, in 2003, a ten-storey panel house was erected for the pilots of the Sokol garrison on Norilskaya street, which is quite logical – the street is located in microdistrict 2 (Aviagorodok) of the Industrial District of Perm.

The history of the village, and now the Aviagorodok microdistrict, is unthinkable without the Perm Military Aviation Technical School, which was disbanded in 1998. The territory began to be built up in the 1940s with military construction units. The village was connected with the city by Karpinsky street. Near that highway, Norilskaya street is located.

Its length from south to north is only 800 meters, from west to east – half a kilometer. There are not so many houses on Norilskaya street, but it continues to be built up. The street is known for its long-term construction projects. Thus, the 16-storey building, which was built by the Classic company, was supposed to appear in the second half of 2016, but the deadlines were shifted, and the shareholders had to make a lot of efforts to resume construction. According to the changed project, instead of a 16-storey building, the new developer promised to erect a 19-storey building on Norilskaya street.

At the same time, the city authorities do not disregard the ‘northern’ street – since 2018, patchwork has been going on here, Norilskaya is being asphalted. The facility is included in the renovation plan until 2022.

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Text: Elena Popova, Photo: open sources

October 12, 2020

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