Northern street in southern city

Northern street in southern city

September 14, 2020

Norilskaya street in Krasnodar is a one of elite houses and beautiful cottages.

Scientists noted an interesting fact: the names of large cities’ streets in Russia repeat the names of those of the capital by 70 percent.  Krasnodar is no exception in this regard.  There, as well as in Moscow, there is Norilskaya street, although it appeared in the capital of the Kuban area not long ago.

The first official objects’ addresses are dated by early 1868, when the names of 52 streets and five lanes were approved in the city   founded in 1792 as a fortress called Yekaterinodar. Some of them have survived to this day – Bazovskaya, Berezanskaya, Dlinnaya, Karasunskaya, Krasnaya, Sadovaya, Severnaya, Stavropolskaya streets and others.

Alexander’s Triumphal Arch (Tsar’s Gate)

After the establishment of the Soviet power in the Kuban area, one of the first acts of the new administration was the change of the regional center’s name: Yekaterinodar turned into Krasnodar.  After that, a number of streets were renamed several times.

Today, the official Address Register of the city of Krasnodar has over 2300 objects: streets, lanes, dead ends, rings, boulevards, avenues, squares, parks.  According to this indicator, the capital of the Kuban surpasses even St. Petersburg – the second largest city in Russia in terms of population.

Winter Krasnodar

But if in the 19th century there were no random names – the word explained the origin or purpose of the street, what was on it or who lived there, – later names often raise questions from toponymists.  So, for example, there are Gornaya and Nagornaya (mean mountainous) streets in Krasnodar, and there are no mountains in the city.  There is no boulevard on Boulvarnaya street, as well as there is no park on Parkovaya street or an alley on Alleynaya one.  And Bursakovskiy Perekat street is not really a street, but just a separate building.

One of houses on Norilskaya street

Let’s look at the names that are abbreviations.  For example, the streets of KIM, MOPR. Not all of their residents know that the first name means Communist International of Youth, and the second one is International Organization for Aid to Workers.

At the end of 2013, the Krasnodar’s Address Register was replenished with 50 street names at once, intended for the future Europeya – several residential complexes being built similar to the already built German Village.  Thus, difficult to pronounce names of foreign origin appeared in Krasnodar – for example, Karlsruevskaya street, named after the twin city of the Kuban capital Carlsrue.

At the same time, Norilskaya street appeared on the map of the largest district in the city – the Prikubansky one, which includes a big number of microdistricts, residential complexes, and even one village. It is located in the New microdistrict – the name speaks for itself.  This is the north of the Prikubansky district, where the owners of elite private households prefer to settle.

It should be noted that Norilskaya street is not the only “northern” one in southern Krasnodar – there are also Alaskinskaya, Vyuzhnaya (blizzard), Zapolyarnaya (polar), Ledyanaya (iced), Moroznaya (frosty), Snezhnaya (snowy).

The length of Norilskaya street from south to north is 0.3 kilometers, from west to east – 0.1 kilometers. Its houses are not cheap: their cost varies from 9 to 16.5 million rubles.

Norilskaya is adjacent to Karantinnaya and Petrogradskaya streets, Nevsky lane, Razdelny and 2nd Prigorodny passages.  It intersects with Prigorodnaya and Skobeleva streets.

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Text: Elena Popova, Photo: open sources

September 14, 2020

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