Moscow Conservatory choir sings Dolgan songs

Moscow Conservatory choir sings Dolgan songs

December 16, 2022

Semyon Popov, a student at a prestigious music university, comes from a Taimyr village and popularizes the language of his people.

#ARCTIC. #SIBERIA. THIS IS TAIMYR. Semyon Popov, a graduate of the Norilsk College of Arts, became the Days of Taimyr guest. Semyon is a bright representative of the Dolgan people, and he believes in his star. He entered the Moscow Conservatory at the faculty of symphony and choral conducting, and he is also the owner of a lyric baritone.

There is another interesting fact in Semyon’s biography. After completing the first year of the conservatory, when he was called into the army, he passed an audition and was accepted into the Alexandrov Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian Army. There he served his military service.

Semyon comes from the Taimyr village of Novaya. His father is a fisherman, his mother works in a kindergarten. Here he graduated from elementary school. The boy received his first music lessons at the Hatanga boarding school. In Hatanga, he began studying at a music school. Semyon continued his further education at the Norilsk College of Arts.

On the eve of Taimyr Day, a letter came at the Chaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory with a request to let student Popov go to his motherland for performances during the festivities:

“The participation of Semyon Popov, a native of Taimyr, studying at the most prestigious musical university in the country, will give special significance and solemnity to cultural events at the regional level”, said the letter sent from the Taimyr House of Folk Art.

Semyon’s voice and his spontaneity really brightened up the festivities. He performed at the Taimyr House of Folk Art at the anniversary of his famous compatriot Anna Barbolina, one of the founders of Dolgan writing, the author of the Dolgan primer and many scientific publications on his native language, ethnographer and honorary citizen of Dudinka. Also at the Arctica cinema and leisure center and Dudinka boarding school. He sang both in Dolgan and Russian. He also dropped into the Norilsk College of Arts to see his teachers.

Thanks to Semyon, his native language sounds in the capital of Russia. On his VKontakte page, you can listen to songs in Dolgan performed by the Moscow Conservatory choir.

“As part of the course program, in the fourth year we had to independently write an arrangement for folk themes: Russian, Belarusian, and the like. My teacher suggested writing an arrangement for Dolgan songs”, Semyon explains the appearance of the interesting video on the Internet.

Without knowledge of the native language, there is no people and its culture. An entire international video conference was devoted to this topic at the Taimyr Day celebration. Semyon Popov does not forget his native language and was very glad to receive the invitation:

“Of course, the most vivid impressions are that I saw my relatives, teachers, friends, and performed in Dudinka. It is very important for me”.

Earlier, we reported that a book in the Dolgan language was presented in Taimyr and the native language festival’s ritual fire was lit. We also said that the Dolgans were called the aristocrats of the tundra for the beauty of their clothes.

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December 16, 2022

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